Global Kind Project

"Reflect on our individual and collective roles in building a more empathetic, positive and inclusive society."

— The Global Kind Interns

As I was scrolling through my Twitter feed today, I was reminded of the Global Kind Project which is organized by The Educator Collaborative and a smaller group of their social media interns begins today. Their social media interns are a group of practicing teachers who “invited classrooms to reflect on our individual and collective roles in building a more empathetic, positive and inclusive society.”

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The project runs today, May 1 – June 9th. Each week has a predictable pattern with specific guiding questions to help foster these discussions and conversations.

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The last couple of weeks in my third grade classroom, I’ve noticed my students, as we know elementary classes do toward the end of the school year, treat one another more like siblings. This can cause smaller problems explode quickly and also the language we use with one another can be less kind. Also, due to illness, we’ve also had a new teaching assistant join our classroom within the last week. She will work with our class for the remainder of the school year. Based on these observations, I joined the Global Kind Project. I’m hoping it will not only foster a focus on empathy and inclusiveness for my students by making worldwide connections but as well as into my own classroom as well.

The pacing guide that the interns developed (screenshot below) has questions to guide classroom discussions and help connect students easily around the world.

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This week I will (or I’ve already):

  • emailed my librarian to check out the suggested picture book,
  • will share our random acts of kindness on our class Twitter account,
  • will share our random acts of kindness on my personal Twitter account,
  • use our morning meetings on Tuesdays – Thursdays to build in time for learning engagements and discussions,
  • create a simple bulletin board display on our classroom door sharing our participation,
  • have a teaching focus using Common Sense Media’s lessons with a focus on relationships and communication.

If you want to learn more about The Global Kind Project to determine if you’d like to participate, you can:

  • Follow #GKP17 on Twitter
  • Watch the video below (background of the project and practical ideas for implementation)

I will definitely write another post during course 4 describing our participation in this new and exciting project.

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2 Responses

  1. That sounds like a great program. I recently read Ken Fernandez blog post on Service and Storytelling He referred to an article Can VR Teach Empathy and mentioned how the New York Times now has virtual environments on the refugees in the world. They might be an interesting addition to your lesson.

    • Megan Looney says:

      Hi Kim, Thanks for the links you shared. I think so many of our students need to “experience” this somehow and these opportunities, VR and even just breaking things down into smaller steps and making local connections helps. Thanks for sharing and getting me thinking about possible revisions in future years.

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